When you’ve decided to opt for a top-of-the-line INFINITI vehicle from our INFINITI dealership in Wallingford, CT, you’re faced with a difficult decision: to buy or to lease. There are many pros and cons of each option, and the expert INFINITI finance team can surely help go over them and discuss the financial aspects of buying vs. leasing. Once you find the new INFINITI that you want to take home, be sure to ask them any questions you may have. Also, to help you throughout the process, here’s some information to consider before you buy or lease an INFINITI:


There are many perks to buying a car, and when you choose to buy a new INFINITI from Harte INFINITI, you’re getting a luxury car that provides you with sleek design, innovative engineering and much more. A few things to consider when you’re thinking you might want to buy an INFINITI:

  • After you finish paying off your INFINITI, it becomes completely yours. You can drive it for as long as you’d like for miles on end.
  • When you buy an INFINITI, you don’t have any mileage restrictions. If you’re someone who tends to take unexpected trips or has a long commute, buying a car would be the better choice.
  • If you prefer to own your car for six or more years and don’t mind a little wear and tear, buying is the better option for you.
  • When you own a car, you will be responsible for all repairs and costs of maintenance.


If you decide to lease a new INFINITI, you’re gaining a new vehicle and a bevy of perks. At Harte INFINITI, over 75% of all new INFINITI sales are leases, so you can be sure that you’re making a sound decision. Here’s some highlights to take into consideration when you’re thinking of leasing an INFINITI:

  • When you choose to lease, your wallet will thank you. The initial out-of-pocket cost and monthly payments will be less with a lease.
  • You’ll be able to upgrade to the latest models when you agree to lease an INFINITI. Once your lease is up, you can choose to buy it or upgrade to a newer model.
  • The warranty coverage normally extends throughout an entire lease, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Leasing an INFINITI means that there is zero market exposure. If the car you’re driving has a low resale value at the end of the lease, you will not suffer the equity position thanks to your fixed lease.

Get a head start on the buying or leasing process when you apply for financing online, and the INFINITI finance team will be sure to contact you once they take a look at your information. Come to George Harte INFINITI today to see our new INFINITI inventory.

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