How To Find a Quality Used Vehicle

Buying a used car is a great option for the prospective car owner seeking a good deal on a quality vehicle. However, beware of the scammers and schemers posing clunkers as worthy options.

Here's how to be certain you've found one of the best pre-owned cars on the market at the right price.

Used Cars at George Harte Infiniti

  1. Do your research. There is a wealth of information available to you during your used car search. Organizations like and Kelley Blue Book afford buyers details on the average pricing and expected value of any models you may be considering, as well as news about the model's safety and overall performance in the industry.
  2. Check the car's paperwork. Once you've found a vehicle that fits your transportation needs, check the car's maintenance history. Has it been well taken care of by its previous owner? Has the vehicle been in an accident; and how were the repairs handled? Ask questions like these as you learn the car's background.
  3. Use your senses. Quite literally, upon seeing the vehicle for the first time in person, use your eyes, ears, hands, and even your nose to explore the vehicle in front of you (you probably shouldn't be tasting anything though!).
    Take your time as you carefully inspect the car's interior and exterior. You may not know what to look for under the hood, but take a peek anyway. It should at least reveal clean parts without grimy buildup.
  4. Take a test drive. Beyond what the papers say, one of the best ways to know you've found a quality vehicle is to drive it for yourself. Though you may not be an auto expert, you'll notice if the car makes any abnormal noises, if the ride is bumpy even on a smooth stretch of road or if the stereo doesn't work.
    If the vehicle doesn't run well or feel comfortable during the test drive, it won't get any better after a couple hours behind the wheel.

Take the time to get any nagging questions about the vehicle and its functioning answered before your sign on the dotted line. After all, you'll be the one spending time in the vehicle; so you want to know exactly what you are paying for, no matter how great the deal may seem.

For more information on quality used cars and to find a quality used car, come into George Harte INFINITI of Wallingford, CT today!

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