There are many benefits to buying used, especially here at George Harte INFINITI in Wallingford, CT! Some of the numerous great reasons to buy used include the INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned program, the quality and reliability, the price, and the amazing options at George Harte INFINITI.

INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned

The warranty on a new car is the best out there, but the INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned program is a way for you to be confident that you are driving away with a used car in tip top shape.

It is a process for a car to be qualified as INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned. The process starts by looking at the history of the car, including looking through many different databases, such as CARFAX.

Then there is a thorough mechanical check of the vehicle. A trained INFINITI technician will go through a checklist of over 150 items, to make sure that the car meets all of the criteria. Some of the items that are reviewed are the chassis, engine, drivetrain, steering, suspension, and brakes.

The last step before being classified is an extensive road test and double checking all of the mechanics and extra detailing. Only then is a vehicle INFINITI Certified Pre-Owned.

Quality and Reliability

There is no denying that new cars have the latest technology and advancements, but the quality and reliability of cars is increasing, which means used cars are more reliable than ever. Overall, cars are being built at a higher standard than they ever have been before. This means that they are built to last. You can often get just as high integrity in a used car as a new one. For some, a used car could even be preferable because there has been time to figure out the kinks in the car, and the previous owner has most likely already fixed these errors.


No benefit can quite hit home as much as the price of a used car. The scale of deprecation is very high for that first year of ownership, but that level of deprecation is not true for used cars.

Along with lower deprecation, since a used car is lower in value, you can usually upgrade to a higher model than you would have been able to afford on a new car.

Options at George Harte INFINITI

One of the best benefits of buying used is your ability to shop right here at George Harte INFINITI. We want to give you as many options and choices as possible when it comes to buying your used car. And, we do not want you to be limited because you are buying used.

Check out our used inventory page and you can see all of the options that are available for you. For example, there are numerous body types, external factory colors, interior factory colors, engine types, and fuel options. Needless to say, your options are endless with George Harte INFINITI used cars here in Wallingford!